Summer Date Night… If I was your stylist 


Celine made me do it

Fashionista On A Budget (Trendy)…. If I was your stylist 



The world’s logic is as follows:
Cornrows are so edgy!
Nail designs are so hip!
Lip injections are so in!
Hip hop is so dope!
“Black people who love hip hop with cornrows and big lips and designs on their nails are SO GHETTO!”


I Am Not Your Expectation 

On January 6th 2014 I literally woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror and decided to chop off all my hair! By the time I was through I had only about two inches of hair left on my head. At the time my reason was simply because I just couldn’t handle the transitioning process any longer, the mixed textures was just way too much for me! 
Nonetheless, now that I’m 3 months into this journey, this big chop has so much more reason behind it! 

1. Childhood Desires -
I remember as a young child, and I’m sure many other black females can relate, all we ever wanted was to have long flowing hair! It’s not our fault, and it has less to do with the white kids flicking their hair back and forth in class than we may think. “Charity begins at home”, we learn what is beautiful, what is acceptable, what is most desired etc at home first. 
My father never wanted my mother to cut her hair, I remember hearing him complain about it when she did & of course that translated to me as, “long hair is more desired than short hair”. What’s wrong with short hair? Why is it that most black women spend so much time and money trying desperately to attain length? I’m not saying that black women can’t have long hair, because they absolutely can but why is it that in our community, we’re so terrified of having short hair?!  

2. Black women’s hair doesn’t grow- 
A while back I was serving a customer at work who later decided to tell me that, “black women’s hair doesn’t grow because they were cursed by God” Now I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail explaining how revolted I was and how I put him on blast. Moreover, many black people seem to think that black women’s hair is incapable of growth which is just absolutely ridiculous! As long as you take care of your hair and do all the necessary things to keep it healthy, it will indeed grow, just watch mine and see 😉😊

3. I am not my hair-
I’m gonna be completely honest and say that I was concerned that I wouldn’t be as attractive without my hair. I often got compliments about my hair (even though it wasn’t in my opinion that long at all) I had beautiful thick hair, and when I added that red color! Everyone loved it; But guess what? My hair is absolutely not what made me attractive,  therefore it will not be what makes me unattractive!  I am absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent, fly, fantastic, fantabulous… LOL the list goes on with and without my hair! As a matter of fact I feel even more beautiful being able to flaunt my beauty without the one thing that most people associate a woman’s beauty with. 

I kept my teeny weeny afro hidden behind weaves, twists and braids for the first 3 months following my big chop, but the fierceness has been unleashed! Don’t get me wrong, I will be protecting my mane with weaves and braids at times, but I definitely will not be relying on them. I’M TOO FLY FOR THAT! 

Love yourself ALL of you and abundantly so! Do not allow anyone to tell you what is beautiful, you are your own definition of beauty! Any one who can’t handle it can step to the side, because you don’t need anyone to be stepping in the way of your fabulosity ! Go ahead and shine girl! 

Breanna Chanelle

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Lawd big chop can be naughty n sexy dont forget it….