Go workout!


Girls who wear makeup, extensions, false nails/eyelashes, contacts, tan, injected lips, breast augmentation.. whatever.. Are not fake. They are real. They are flesh, bone, blood and soul, they just choose to enhance their features. That is all. That is all it is. Get the fuck over it. And if a guy…




R.I.P. Karyn Washington
Creator of ForBrownGirls and the DarkSkinRedLipProject

We’re sad to hear that a beautiful spirit and role model has departed. WFDC sends out its condolences. We’re overjoyed by the multitude of women that Karyn was able to uplift and inspire.

You will be missed.

Karyn apparently committed suicide. She will be missed. RIP.


"One of my favorite faces @dreamincolor. #MakeupArtistGaby #kerihilson"

We should make more time to THINK before responding. We’ve become too conditioned to require things immediately. Someone asks a question, and we have to respond that second. Such was not the case before instant messaging and comment threads. A sign of true intelligence and confidence, I think, is someone who takes time to consider the question at hand in a little more depth, and then offers a response.

— Brianna Wiest (via nikkofrikko)